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Your Choices Are Your Gateway

Your Choices Are Your Gateway Laarkmaa through Pia Orleane & Cullen Smith

We are all interested in what comes next and in helping to create it. The power of prediction has long been a favorite interest of humanity. However, prediction indicates that what is seen or known is definite and unalterable. Seeing the future through the eyes of prediction can place us in a position of helplessness or lock us in beliefs that possibilities are either not in the stars or completely unavoidable. Relying on predictions to lead our lives eliminates humanity’s greatest gift: the power of choice. Rather than making predictions, our Pleiadian star friends, Laarkmaa, show us the potentials for 2016 as they see them, honoring our human power to cocreate our future through the choices we make.

We, Laarkmaa, do not make predictions; rather, we see potentialities, and we are happy to share the potentials we see for 2016 as long as you, the humans, remember that you have the power of choice about how you interact with these potentials, how you can change them, and how you can use your own energy to cocreate what comes next.

The energies that are coming in for the evolution of the planet and the species bring the potential for a great “cosmic pop.” What we mean is that there is a possibility of a swift and sudden change on your planet that will ripple out into the universe. If this occurs, you will experience a rush of chaos as you move into a different reality.