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You Give Purpose and Cause to Energy

You Give Purpose and Cause to Energy Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

There is a cursive as well as a curved form to waves of energy. The curve is caused by the rising and falling, the increasing and the ebbing, that all forms of energy exhibit. The cursiveness of their nature is this: All waves of energy are connected to all others.

While energy is perpetual, its form is not. All forms of energy have a beginning and an ending. The beginning and the end vibrations are so fine in their nature, the particles so minute, as to be virtually nonexistent to you in your reality. They do exist, however, in the third dimension and all others. It is only the middle part that you (in your third-dimensional reality) are able to experience with the limits of your bodily and mechanical sensory systems.

It is true that creation begins with the finest, smallest increments of energy becoming activated and then evolving into specific forms. As this occurs with one particle of energy, so it occurs with others that are in a nearby locale and are similar in substance.