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You Are Preparing the Grail

You Are Preparing the Grail The guardians through Saga-Oracle

Greetings, beloveds. We, the guardians, have been honored to bring messages through our Saga for many years to share with those seeking guidance. We have always been with her in this life sojourn; however, she did not fully realize our role until her path had reached the point of full activation. Still, she conversed and interacted with us at some level from before she had taken her first breath, which is also true for you, the reader, as you awaken to your wholeness and carry on your soul mission. All soul missions are linked to the greater task of peace through unity. We refer to this as fulfilling the Holy Grail.

The Grail, the receptacle of the soul, is found first within and then reflected without as a collective vessel of intentions and actions on the path of peace, which pools together for the greater cause. Many attempt to fulfill their personal holy vessel with desires or expectations only to realize, over and over again, they are not fulfilled.

The Grail holds pain, sorrow, and disappointment, along with joy and compassion. Pain and sorrow must be emptied from this vessel many times until only pure love flows — the true fulfillment. A natural emptiness follows those cleansing times, easing only when you discover that the depths of compassionate love is always within you.