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You Are the Power of Transformation

You Are the Power of Transformation The Watchers through Helenita Ziegler

All around you it looks as if you are experiencing closure, death. You can feel or see huge doors sliding shut. But from our broader perspective, we see something completely different. You sense that doors are closing, moving together. Being human, you react by pulling back into yourself, like a turtle into its shell, or by acting similar to a two-year-old as you seek and demand the help you know you deserve. You want it right now!

By recognizing your patterns and your compensatory strategies, you become aware of how you react via your physical, emotional, or mental bodies, or some combination of them. As you learn the truth about yourself, these patterns become self-evident, and you understand how they work for you personally.

Applying this self-knowledge when you feel the buildup of pressure of the “closing” doors is like containing or creating an explosion inside and all around you. It might even feel as if you are self-imploding. Those humans who are unable or unwilling to face these challenges will run, hide, or leave. It is a zone of discovery, a time of quickening. Mothers among you remember the first time they felt their babies kicking inside them.