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The Year of the Empowered Human

The Year of the Empowered Human The Lion People through Ellyn Dye

Are you having fun yet? The roller coaster ride of the centuries continues apace into and through 2016, providing enough breathtaking dips, unexpected turns, and abrupt, upside-down twists to thrill you all as you move along on Earth’s version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. If you bit off more than you could chew before it began or if you are still munching on something that no longer agrees with you, you might be feeling a little nauseated about now. Just remember that as with any good, scary amusement park ride, screaming is just another part of the fun, and everyone not only signed up for it but also stood in line to get the ticket to be here!

Because the ride is still in full swing, change and challenge continue to be key for 2016, as are amazing technological advancements and opportunity, open hearts, compassion, and empowerment, all at a pace that will cause heads to spin (and some to grin)! As always, the severity of the challenge depends on the amount of human resistance to the change. Whether the rug is pulled out from under you or you feel compelled to make a difficult change, the more fun you can have with any challenge, the easier it will be.

Humanity and the world continue to move through a great transition; therefore, change and challenge will continue on all levels. As you know, humans tend to view change as challenging, even changes they initiate and want.