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World Prayer Web: A Year of Blessings

World Prayer Web: A Year of Blessings Grandmother Naylin through Maria Yraceburu

You are like children who know their birthdays are coming; your excitement builds as your birthday gets closer. However, as with your birthday, it comes only once a year. As you get closer to understanding what the universe is offering, the excitement builds all the time. Another way to look at it is by saying you are on a treasure hunt, following a rainbow to the pot of gold. The potential’s big enough to keep you going.

The way of moving forward lies in your hearts, not your minds. Surround yourself with moments of joy, and as you turn your attention, you will discover life is no longer difficult. Experience. These moments will anchor you and keep you from former self-sabotaging thoughts.

Ingenuity to devise positive action trains you in new self-perception. For each prayer, ten to twenty options will be provided to choose from. Everything becomes possible.