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Woozing In and Out of Higher Consciousness

Woozing In and Out of Higher Consciousness the Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

Dear Earth family, as another Earth cycle of traveling around your Sun unfolds, we take this opportunity to remind you that not only is your planet making its annual migration — heating and cooling different parts of your life support system — but also your whole solar system is traveling into uncharted energetic regions. These combined planetary and solar system movements offer a synergistic blending of new ingredients of energy components to create new opportunities for exploration of what it means to hold human consciousness in an ever-expanding arena of human consciousness capabilities and possibilities. As your sojourns through the limited third-dimensional consciousness realms near the end zone, realms of higher consciousness open up to conscious access for all of you to explore and to (especially) cocreate.

We remind you again of your power to create. We remind you that you are not limited beings of dumbed-down power. We remind you that you have voluntarily gone to sleep in the awareness of your higher powers in your dedicated fascination to explore the far reaches and the nether regions of the third dimension: the dimension of physicality, bound energy limited to the awareness of your human five senses: what you can see, what you can touch, what you can hear, what you can taste, and what you can smell. Indeed, your earth sciences have even collectively agreed on and created human laws to limit science to that which can be researched through these five limited modalities.

The game is changing, of course, as your new interest in quantum studies explore and allow into the scientific nomenclature studies of that which is unseen, untouchable, untestable, and without sound as perceived by human sensory nervous system circuits. New scientific paradigms are allowing exploration of that which was once blocked in these circles during the rationalist period of your human adventure.