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Who We Are … Becoming

Who We Are … Becoming Beyond and Isis through Robert Shapiro

21 October 2015

There is an awakening in your time that is happening even now with the seeds that grow inside all mothers. These seeds are golden in the sense that they come from your natural state of being. This natural state of being has nothing to
do with Earth as you know it now, but it has everything to do
with Earth as you will know it. Regardless of who you are and where you reincarnate for your next life, you will all pass through a filter of Earth in a form that you would call the seventh dimension.

This means that it is totally and completely benevolent. There is no physical life there, but that life is only a portion of a light creation. The function of this is to bring about an ordination of your hearts and souls so that you complete the process of moving from the fragments you call individuals to a complete being in the singular sense. It is vital that you do this because it is intended that you create and re-create completely benevolently and that you function in ways that provide only benevolence in infinite variety.

In the past in this creation that you are in now, that level of variety has not been made available for you or your souls, including all who have manifested here during the time of the genetic experiment on Earth, now known in your minds as the Explorer Race. This type of living limits your ability to even know or remember the variety of this universe.