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When You Feel More Than Human, You Are More Than Human

When You Feel More Than Human, You Are More Than Human God through Liane Rich

You are at the beginning days of your rise from the denser or slower energy streams. You have been living in these slower forming energies for some time, but you are beginning to wake up, and in doing so, you will begin to rise up. This is what all the fuss is about when you hear talk of ascension. Ascension is a process of rising up and becoming aware of your own divinity. Not only do you become aware of your true identity, but you also become aware of this multidimensional world that you have been living in.

Your world is made up of energy on many levels. You have high energy/high vibration currents, and low energy/low
vibration currents. Most of you spend your time in the lower vibrations; however, many of you have caught on to how the higher vibrations can be accessed. This is no mistake. Many at this time have been learning how to access the higher vibrations in an effort to manifest a more pleasurable reality.

The trick to manifesting a more pleasurable reality is to stay in more pleasurable thoughts and feelings. This is true when you wish to affect your personal reality and the collective consciousness of your world.