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What Song Will You Sing in 2016?

What Song Will You Sing in 2016? Angels through Kerry Hettleman

Every song is a compilation of various vibrational frequencies woven into a specified pattern with intention and direction of energy. Can you hear the angels singing, or do you prefer the sounds of pop, jazz, classical, or country music? What is your preferred frequency? What vibration resonates best with you? What song will you sing in 2016? Yes, you get to choose! Your world is a variation of unlimited musical notes, and your song is just waiting for you to compose it. Open up to it, breathe it in, fine-tune it, and add your intention and direction to create the most beautiful masterpiece ever known to humankind.

If you listen to your reality, you will hear various notes being played around the world. Some inspire and lift you up while others might hurt your ears or cause your hair to stand on end as your body cringes. For example, if the sounds of heavy metal music make you cringe, you can choose to walk away from that concert. If the evening news makes you shudder, turn it off. Take a walk in nature, and get back in touch with the sounds of silence where you can compose and sing in perfect harmony.

Have you noticed how the overall music has changed? It seems to be more pleasant and easier to listen to and understand. As the collective consciousness rises, so does the vibration of our music. Even though some music might still speak to anger, fear, and the dark side, you can choose a tune that is less polarizing and of a higher vibration. The only difference between one song and another is the frequency in which it vibrates. Ascension has taken us to new heights in our new world. Our way-showers have shown us a path to enlightenment, leaving the polarity behind. Our music is our soul signature. Don’t be afraid to sing out loud!