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Welcome the New

Welcome the New Guides through Pam Chapman

New, new, new — that’s all we have to say to you. Lay your burdens down. None of it will continue in the time ahead. The ascension gateway is open for all. Such brilliant love and light enter this planet. All suffering is gone, as it cannot exist in the presence of high vibrations. All debt is gone when people see how silly it is in the new vibration. Peace and prosperity reign for all.

Illnesses will rapidly disappear as the DNA upgrades happen for all. New healing techniques will speed this process, but rest assured, all will be healed. People will be amazed at the new levels of love and compassion for themselves and for others. You will see a level of cooperation that is beyond anything you previously imagined. As the vibrations touch all, crime will cease to exist.

All of you will see much more in your waking lives and in your dreams and meditations. You will notice your brains and psychic powers working at incredible levels. Each of you will understand multidimensionality, including what you thought of as past and future lives. You will know where you came from and what you are a part of. The heart openings will be immense, and you will feel a level of love that you cannot comprehend at this moment. Be ready for heavenly feelings!