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Walking the Razor’s Edge

Walking the Razor’s Edge The Pleiadian Emmisaries of Light through Star Hinman

Greetings to each of you. We are the Pleiadians, and we bring you the message that we accompany and assist you on your individual paths into the events of the year 2016, which even now resonates with the energies of your victory in your mission to Earth!

You certainly have many challenges in these days of such immense energies that are coming to Earth now, and we are not unaware of the effect that all of this is having on you. Many changes are coming to each of you in your lives. We want to tell you that this process will only intensify in the coming year. However, the levels of assistance coming to humanity — to fully encourage and support your positive responses to these challenges — are also exponentially increasing.

We in the celestial realms are constantly formulating new plans and agendas for the transformation of Earth as new and higher frequencies of light will continue to infuse all of you and Earth herself. Do you realize what this means? The process of change will exponentially increase on Earth in pace and intensity. This does not, however, mean that your challenges will become more difficult or intense. It only means that the light quotient residing in each of you lightworkers for Earth will exponentially increase in its effectiveness and ability to support your work in this time of such change and challenge.