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Walk in the Path of Paradox

Walk in the Path of Paradox Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

A new year on the calendar always brings up a review of the previous year as well as an opportunity to generate a creative vision for the new year ahead. While the past year may have seemed full of difficulties, every year provides an opening to walk the path of paradox, the path of being human while simultaneously being pure awareness — what we call One Life. One Life is not just your deep self or your personality or ego. It is not even just your spirit or soul. It is all life and beyond all life. It is nothing and everything. In association with human existence, it is pure paradox.

Your life this year, acknowledged to be a walk on this path of paradox, contains the opportunity to stay in touch with who you are and become whole, more integrated, and more complete than you have ever been at any other time in your life. In order to accomplish this, you must accept and allow the paradox (once a razor’s edge that you walked) to become a wide path of integration and inclusivity. Focusing on right here and right now can help to make sense of everything that has been in the past, everything that has been difficult, everything that has been self-negating, and every dark experience you have encountered. The light is shining on it all, and everything is revealed only with you engaging the present moment, the here and now.

On the path of paradox, there is no hiding. Your humanity and your experiences, however you might judge them, are present in the paradox. There is no holding on to “this” or “that” and putting it back in the corner, under the rug, or in the darkness. It’s all in the light, and “it” is the wholeness and the totality of your being ready, willing, and able to express truth. All of the last bits of consciousness that were left under the rug are right now being swept out from where they were obscured and now becoming clear. The fear was that these things were not healthy or were bad in some way, just because they were hidden or lost. But truly all of it is the perfection of One Life expressing itself.