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The Universe Is Calling

The Universe Is Calling Isaiah and the Ascension Team through Kathryn Rawlings & Terry Spears

Terry: The whole universe is calling us, humanity, to make this jump in consciousness now. It is ascension time! Who will answer their universal calling? Who of us has not yearned for this wisdom, time, and opportunity? Certainly, we have been seekers and pioneers in all ways we could. Now the long sought-after prize of ascension, oneness of spirit, is upon us.

This is a wonderful time if we can access the opportunity, understand the dynamics, and cooperate with the process. Each day, the crises grow, even as we individually grow in awareness and consciousness. From our previous limited 3D thinking, this cannot end well!

The good news is Earth is ascending, along with those of humanity who chose this path from their inception on Earth. This timing with quickening frequencies is lifting our consciousness and understanding to greater acceptance of a transition inside and outside while Earth is also preparating for transition into the ascension plane Earth.