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The Three Great Freedoms

The Three Great Freedoms Mary through Norma Gentile

As I look out at friends and world events, it is as if concepts that we engaged with months, years, and even decades ago have returned. We have collectively hit a giant reset button. Here is what Mary shared with me.

Your culture is opening to understand that both gender and sexuality are not absolutes but lie along a continuum. As you loosen the reins of your polarized reality, you will come to understand your physical bodies as having loving expressions that fall primarily between the poles of the feminine and masculine. In this scenario, you might better say that the expression of gender and sexuality both exist as spheres, each of these spheres intersecting within your bodies in as many variations as each of your souls have variations.

But this is in the far future. At this point in time, you are seeing swift changes in attitudes in the mainstream culture around gender and sexuality that are based on changes made in the past. Each time your culture holds up an issue to reevaluate, waves of energy from your attention interact with the issue. It reminds Norma of watching ocean waves interact with a sandy beach.