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Shamanic Wisdom: The Way Forward

Shamanic Wisdom: The Way Forward Jan Engels-Smith

What is going to happen in 2016 and beyond? All of the well-known predictions of the past ended with the year 2012. Now we are three years into the new age. As we navigate the challenges of 2015 and move on toward 2016, we are transitioning between the third and fourth dimensions on a journey that brings us into unknown territory on every level — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, ethical, and cultural.

There are accelerating changes everywhere: advanced technology, bioengineering, social media, GMO foods, countries in turmoil, polarized people and beliefs, unemployed people and people in poverty, and increasing violence. Everything and everyone seems to be in rapid motion.

There are no rulebooks, manuals, or procedures for us to follow because going from one dimension to another in a physical body has never been attempted before. We are blazing the trail as we move forward. We face profound challenges in this transformation. Along with addressing the challenges outside of us, we need to change our attitudes and behaviors to benevolence to ensure that Earth remains habitable and safe for our soul selves to emerge.