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Rejoice in the Power to Remember Who You Are

Rejoice in the Power to Remember Who You Are Mary Magdalene and Jeshua through Ray Dawn

Hello to each of you beautiful beings. It is Mary Magdalene and Jeshua here to speak to you. We are here to discuss your ever-awakening love within. Dear ones, this time (your ever-awakening now) is about the return of love to this sphere and about awakening those codes of love within you. As you awaken your heart codes of love, you can begin to remember who you really are, what your purposes are, and how you can express your gifts and passions in this world at this time.

This civilization is on the brink of discovery in so many ways. Yes, there is destruction, pain, suffering, and loss of expression. However, this time is also ripe for change, letting go, and realizing the truth of what really matters. It is the time for joining forces with like-minded people who are also here to bring forth new gifts and ways of being in harmony.

Dear ones, you are not forsaken or forgotten. We are you in ever-increasing numbers, awakening love through each form you are in. As you awaken again to the feelings and expression of joy, harmony, and the discovery of your life force, you begin to know that you are now returning ever gracefully to allow your lights to turn back on. It is like the mustard seed within, for you are all coded with love, just as a flower is coded with the expression of that specific scent and floral arrangement — all beings and matter. You are coded within a divine blueprint that, if allowed, naturally creates the perfection of that code and awakens its purposes.