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Realize Your Responsibility for the World

Realize Your Responsibility for the World Isis through Rae Chandran

Greetings and blessings. This is Isis. What a year it has been with great accomplishments in terms of holding the light brilliantly in spite of all the turmoil. The past few months have seen monumental changes on the world scene, such as the influx of migrants from war-torn countries, the historic visit of the pope to the United States and Cuba, the crashing of the hyped Chinese stock market, and many others.

This trend will accelerate further in the coming year of 2016, where many more major changes will occur. One will be in the adjustment and correction of the world’s financial system, which has been long overdue. There is the potential for many more markets to crash similarly to China. Markets overall throughout the world will be recognized for what they are worth and not what is reported or hyped by the media or the rating agencies. The way a country’s economy is looked at will also be evaluated, and corrective measures will be taken. Too much importance is given to the rating agencies and other lobbyists who make all kinds of predictions and submit reports that, in most cases, are not true at all and have underlying themes behind them of collecting fat fees and also lining their own pockets.

Will Be Key