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Realize Your Divine Connection

Realize Your Divine Connection Mary Magdalene through Gail Swanson

This is a collection of four separate messages received from Mary Magdalene concerning these changing times.

The crucible has been carried by this family of light. It has been and continues to be carried for humanity. The time at hand is crucial to the spiritual evolution of not only your planet but of all time and space, for what shall now occur is the healing of the very wounds you carry. These memories, these programmings that are in the DNA, are being transmuted, and this is creating havoc for the lower-vibrating energies that strive to hold on to what once was.

You are gaining strength in spiritual character. You are growing in your lives. Through the trials and tribulations, each time you stumble and rise yet again, you enliven and connect to the energy of the Resurrection. This Resurrection energy is transforming the All.