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The Rainbow of Creation Is Connected as a Whole

The Rainbow of Creation Is Connected as a Whole White Buffalo Calf Woman through Therese Dorer

The vision I see is of a field of tall prairie grass gently moving in the summer breeze. The sky is cobalt blue, and interspersed in the blue sky are white puffy clouds. Walking toward me is a tall Native woman dressed in white buckskin, her hands outstretched to all reading these words, and behind her is a huge rainbow light. It is White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Welcome, Rainbow children, I come forth to you this day with love in my heart and strength in my bones. I honor each of you reading these words. You are moving into a new year, 2016, which in numerology is a nine year, completion. For many of you, this will be a year of completing what you began, and you will be called to bring closure to any old stories that no longer work for you or to complete a project you have been working on. You may be asked to forgive an old hurt that inhibits you from moving forward. I ask you to trust that the universal energy will be there to support you in these endeavors.

The Difference You Make with Your Choices and Connection to Mother Earth

We call on you to lay down your positions of black and white, good and bad, and hatred and love and to allow the flow of life to unfold in a more peaceful and gentle manner. It is from your positions that humans create conflict with one another — positions on religion, politics, family ethics, and customs. The higher calling for the human experience is one of finding balance among your physical body, your mental thoughts, and your soul connection. It is your mental thoughts that can keep you a prisoner of dysfunction and sadness, and you may find yourself looping into the same story over and over again. I ask you to notice the story you are telling yourself and whether it is connected to your soul source or relived stories told by your parents, the media, friends, and families. You have a choice as to the direction you choose to follow and the window of the world you desire to embrace.