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Prepare for the Return of the Lightbody

Prepare for the Return of the Lightbody The Council of the Elohim of Light through Lightstar

Blessings to all from the higher vibrations of light! We herald peace, love, and harmony to the realms of Earth in these exciting times. We are a group of lightbeings dedicated to oneness and unity consciousness. We are the Council of the Elohim of Light. Our council consists of an assembly of ascended masters, ancient galactic masters, and archangels. Our intentions are pure and genuine, as we are of high frequencies of love and light.

We serve and support all life forms in their divine advancement and have been helping to expand human consciousness for eons. We assist with spiritual advancements on many planets, star systems, universes, and dimensions, and we are in collaboration with many other councils of light that exist in the vast universes. Some humans have written about our origins, some have been in direct contact with one or several of us, and a select few have embodied our messages on the Earth plane. We serve all who are open to receiving our wisdom. In this grand time, we will share more information about the magnificent enlightenment that is intensifying on Earth and the dynamics of your return to your lightbodies.

Old Mindsets Will Be Replaced
with Truth and Love

First, we’d like to acknowledge you for your diligent efforts to consciously live with higher frequencies of love. Much of the chaos and confusion occurring on Earth demonstrates the challenge of humanity’s plight through duality and the lower densities to energetically rise into ascended perspectives of love and light. We realize this is not a simple task, but it is necessary to familiarize you with the lower densities for your lessons and spiritual growth.