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Prepare for Energetic Transformation

Prepare for Energetic Transformation Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, once again I greet you in the abundance of divine love as Earth prepares to exit 2015, a year that has been quite intense for many of you. While I understand that many folks hope that the coming year will be less compacted and intense than the present year has been, my advice is to keep those seatbelts fastened. Let’s begin our look into 2016 with a brief recap of 2015, since it is the launching pad, so to speak, for the approaching year. This year has been burdened with very complicated energies that categorically raised the world at large to altogether new levels of complication. Indeed, I think it worthwhile and even beneficial to harvest from the striking experiences of the dying year as humanity continues to cut through the haze of leftover energetic entanglements from the receding Piscean Age.

A Year of Turmoil

As 2015 opened, Boko Haram stormed into the city of Baga, Nigeria, burning the city to the ground and killing thousands of citizens. That was, to date, the deadliest attack of Boko Haram. Then on January 7, twelve people were killed as two masked gunmen attacked the newspaper offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. During an air strike on the Syrian section of Golan Heights on January 18, Israeli forces killed an Iranian general and six Hezbollah militants. Indeed, 2015 was birthed not to the sound of calming music but to the din of explosive attacks.

Also on January 18, Alberto Nisman, a federal prosecutor in Argentina and the chief investigator of the worst terrorist attack in that country’s history, was found shot to death. On January 20, fighting erupted in Sana, Yemen, and Houthi as rebels seized control of the presidential palace and grounds. That same day, the cease-fire that had been established in the Ukraine was dashed, and Russian rebels seized the Donetsk airport.