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Portal X49

Portal X49 Spiritus Sanctus through Pam Murray

We have written before concerning the portals. As you grow in consciousness, dear ones, so does your access to the portals of the higher realms. Because of the dedication of so many of you and your work in raising your own vibration levels, the vibration level of the planet has begun to elevate as well. As the forces of darkness — that is, those who operate from lower vibrations — rail against the coming and growing light, the vibration of light exposes their shadows.

I come to you to tell you of a new portal that is opening to you. Of course, it is not new. It has been here all along. But it is new to most of you. This portal will allow you access to greater and easier manifestation. Some of the starseeds and many of your masters have known how to access this portal and have used its energy to demonstrate what is possible for you.

Until now, most of you have been struggling to overcome the challenges you set forth for yourselves in this incarnation. As you become clear of these challenges and wipe them from your so-called karma, you also free yourself to express at ever-higher levels. Yes, you can release your pre-programmed issues.