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Our Earthly Experience

Our Earthly Experience Xenathium through Hugh Campbell

Incarnation as a human being is a state of separation from the whole into a state of individuality. The mind is the proverbial veil that intercepts the connection to Source. If there were not a mind to create the illusion of individual consciousness, there would not be separation for the purposes of individual experience. Even though the mind is an incredible tool that can hold a universe of potential to support your individual and collective illusions, there is a part of your soul that never loses its connection to the Source of All That Is! The separation from the source creates a void, a longing, and a knowing of something greater than yourselves.

In your newfound smallness, you see the world and the universe in wonder. You can hardly believe that you could have any part in the creation you are experiencing. In your smallness, you choose to build yourselves up by exemplifying the mind. You believe that the mind is your higher self and everything beyond the mind becomes a creation of the mind. The more power you give to the mind, the less you can see beyond it. The mind perceives the void created by your separation by creating a being worthy enough to fill the magnitude of the void you carry inside.

God is created by the mind of humans. God is created in your image, not the other way around. Your creation allows you to continue through your illusion. Your gods have evolved as you have. In the beginning they were intolerant, vengeful, and petty — just as people are. There were many Gods assigned to your virtues or foibles, reflections of yourselves to help you see the truth hidden in plain sight. You are bubbles of consciousness from the Source of All That Is. We are cocreators of everything. You are the creators, the explorers, and the actors designing and weaving endless tapestries of existence, filling the infinite conscious energy. All experiences end in love because love is the constant on which the universe is founded. Your experiences might lead you down many loveless paths, but in the end, they will always return to love when you are all once again united in the infinite ocean of loving consciousness.