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As the Old Crumbles, New Opportunities Arise

As the Old Crumbles, New Opportunities Arise Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

Greetings! Predictions, predictions! Human nature is often focused on future events, and despite our asking you to consider and focus on the now, it is sad you do not apply yourselves to the now as much as trying to control future outcomes. Because the choices you make will determine the future outcome, we are happy to oblige you with the current direction the world is moving toward.

Please understand that it is the current state of mass consciousness that is creating the future. The more energy you give to something, the more likely it is to come into being. This is manifestation in its simplest terms. As the universe’s energies accelerate, your ability to manifest also increases. The more negative the nation, the greater the manifestation of chaos will be. With that said, as we look at the energy of Earth now, the potential for what we discuss is highly likely.

Improve Communication

Twenty sixteen will be a telling year for many nations and people. It is important to understand that if peace is to be achieved among all nations next year, a change in the way everyone communicates is essential. Your political parties will need to consider how they miss the mark through bad communication. Humans have a habit of blaming something or someone else when they are not understood. If someone, or even a group of others, does not understand you, the responsibility is with you as a communicator, never the receiver.