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New Energy Helps Breakthroughs Emerge

New Energy Helps Breakthroughs Emerge Stephan Another Bearer of Light through Susan Sampson

The children you have brought forth, honored lightworkers of all ages, are those who are attuning to positive vibrations and influencing their local communities with grassroots enterprises, both great and small. They hold an attitude of optimism and joy as they go forth in the face of many challenges with the sure knowingness that they are in the right flow of goodness. With their endeavors, the governments around the world are, in many instances, putting forth extraordinary efforts to hold the old energies, beliefs, and patterns by generating fear, fear, and more fear. The governments know they are losing control.

The issues that arise from those old beliefs or fears in your life and health can be allowed to move through to wherever those issues need to flow because they are not yours any longer. Each of you can be a conduit for allowing those energies to pass through you without affecting you to any degree. It is allowing and letting go of them, that is the processing of those issues.

What I wish you to do is sit in grace and let maelstroms swirl around without losing your center. Think of yourself as a stately tree in a storm of these times. You might sway, but think of it as a dance. You might lose a few leaves, but think of that as the last of the old thinking being gently floated away. Know that your serene roots are sunk into the bosom of Earth (as they should be, as they were meant to be) as is natural in the spiritual unfoldment that is taking place.