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Merge with the Light-Life Energy to Realize Creator’s Dream

Merge with the Light-Life Energy to Realize Creator’s Dream The Pleiadians through Sylvia Bucek

Nothing in the old energy can keep you attached to the illusory yet seemingly real realm you are transcending. You do not need to have a transcendent virtual reality experience to know the difference between it and real reality, but the analogy serves to make a point.

To borrow the analogy of virtual reality (VR) versus real reality (RR), you strap on a headset that plugs you into the simulation, and you feel as if you have disappeared. The simulation has your attention, but it is not embracing that which makes you human. It is not embracing the human aspect of you that lives in the real world. In the real world, technology has become sophisticated enough that it is ready to merge virtual reality with augmented reality where you get to do amazing sci-fi-level things not known to you before, such as maneuvering around holographic universes with your hands and your voice. It is simple almost beyond belief. With a gesture, you can control digital interfaces, but the interface to the machine does not consider the human side. It makes for compelling storytelling that can help humanity recognize The Matrix syndrome, but it is still just fake scenes overlaid on the real world.

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