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Master Christ Template Ascension Process

Master Christ Template Ascension Process Lord Maitreya (Christ Logos) through Natalie Glasson

Humanity and Earth are entering a unique stage of ascension focused on embodiment, acceptance, and acknowledgement. This has the purpose of accelerating unification with the Creator and releasing the process many are attached to, which is the method of understanding. In this stage of ascension, you are asked to let go of your need to understand yourself and the Creator. Understanding is an action of your mind and supports the inflation of the ego, whereas your heart chakra already knows and understands everything and encourages you to move beyond illusions. When you seek to understand, you distract yourself with actions, a purpose, or mission rather than simply accepting yourself.

This is a moment of relaxation for you spiritually, as there is no need to strive to discover, analyze, or examine. It is an inhalation as you gather all that is required to begin new chapters of your life and spiritual evolution completely supported, uplifted, and guided by your soul and the ascended masters. During this time, you might find that simply being still or even focusing your attention away from your spiritual evolution may feel appropriate. If this occurs, please do not resist your inner desires and guidance, as there is a need for all on Earth to take a moment of relaxation. Once this phase passes, you will find yourself diving into great depths of self- and Creator discovery, exploring more than you could possibly imagine. The energy anchored during this time of relaxation might be experienced intensely as numerous shifts take place without your awareness. Your desire and passion to understand the Creator will be fulfilled, yet in order to access a greater sense of fulfilment, it is essential to let go of your attachment to your need to understand.

Create a New Intention: “I am a fountain of the Creator’s consciousness. All I am required to acknowledge manifests from within my being; therefore, I let go of my attachment to the process of understanding the Creator.”