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Manifest the World You Want

Manifest the World You Want Master Guide Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Aloha from the ancient land of Lemuria. It has been such a privilege to be the medium for Master Guide Kirael for more than thirty years. It is equally a privilege to submit this article to the Sedona Journal of Emergence!, the catalyst for many spiritual seekers over such a long period. Master Kirael’s channeled work reveals his awesome power and ability to make you feel more centered than you ever thought possible. As the medium for this master guide, I have been honored to simply let him have the stage. Here is Kirael.

Good evening. This is one of my favorite times of the year, the unveiling of the possibilities of the new year and all that it represents.

For the most part, many of you can feel what is already coming, and it gives you a queasy feeling in your stomach. That feeling, my friends, is nothing you would relish though you have very little to do with it unless you consciously make the choice.