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Know the Compassionate Heart

Know the Compassionate Heart Metatron and Elijah through Lois Hartwick

Elijah and I have come together at this moment in time to speak to each of you. It is hard to contemplate that which is being accomplished in your world today, but you will begin to see many things coming to the surface. It is no different from what you are experiencing within your physical bodies. You might find there is some ache or pain or perhaps some difficulty or pattern that has come to the surface very quickly, and you seek to overcome it. Take a look at your world. You will see many things that need to be cleansed, healed, and released coming to the surface. Send light.

 Send light to these places, these people, and these situations. That is all that is needed at this moment, and each of you is capable of doing so without stopping your daily chores and lifestyle. It is also for you to have compassion and to understand that what is occurring is a release of ancient beliefs and situations that are not functioning or working well any longer. People cling to these because they are part of their culture or their nature or a belief system, but these are things that often need to shift into the next higher level, if not two or three levels beyond that.

Because of this, there is turmoil. Because of this, there is a great deal of upheaval that can occur in one way or another. By the same token, you will see that your measures of peace and love or your efforts toward assisting the many who need help can change what unfolds. There will be dramatic differences at both ends of the spectrum. Send light.