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The Immaculate Nature of Your Self

The Immaculate Nature of Your Self Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al through Arthur Fanning

Do you know what the definition — well, this is part of the difficulty in global teachings. Each country has a consciousness, and in each consciousness, a different language, and in each language, different words. When people say words, there is a different interpretation for each word. You have your dictionaries that list and explain everything each word can mean. You are moving into an arena where — well, I should rephrase this. An arena is coming, and you’re going to be in the arena. You think you are moving into it, but you are going to realize that the arena has always been there, and you have been ignoring your part in it.

The word “immaculate” is a condition that humans are trying to understand about themselves. You’re going to be involved — you, we, humanity, the condition — with the performance of birthing individually. As you (or most) do not remember coming out of the womb, you are preparing to come out of the womb you are in now, and you will remember. The understanding of the immaculate nature of your inner self must come forth now, for it is the worthiness available to assist in the perpetuosity of the consciousness within the human condition. By that, I mean within the consciousness of the human condition — within the consciousness of the human condition. That means individual bodies, individual entities, within the entities thinking and communicating in an immaculate manner within the self.

Then the groupings of you, those beings you hear — those beings who enter your body and leave for a minute to breathe through you for a moment and to smell your fragrance, in a manner — they come in because the chakras are flowering. Some of the loving, beautiful entities associating with you enter you to smell the flower in the chakra, as you smell roses or lilies or anything. So you are in the process now of understanding just that one word — “immaculate.”