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How to Balance Your Astrological Traits

How to Balance Your Astrological Traits Three Johns through Nansea Lee

Your astrological birth chart reveals various layers of your personality and soul and the reasons you incarnated. Your birth chart can hold from five to nine astrological signs within it, and this is a very significant piece of your energy field. The twelve astrological signs carry inherent personality traits within them, and the various personality traits reside within you. Your birth chart is active quantum energy, contributes to what you are creating in the world, and reveals why you have incarnated.

You all have very complex personalities. Many of your positive and not-so-positive personality traits originate from the astrological signs in your birth chart. As an example, those who have a number of planets in Virgo have a personality that sees the details in life and likes to share all those details in their conversations. Having Virgo planets in your birth chart also gives a desire to be of service in some way. Virgos are efficient in their work and have analytical minds.

Each astrological sign carries positive and not-so-positive
personality characteristics. The not-so-positive Virgo trait is the need to be controlling, and this may appear as rigidity. The various astrological personality traits can be beneficial, or they can hinder your internal growth throughout your life. As you become informed about these personality characteristics, you then have a choice to make about your own behavior patterns.