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Hope through Change in 2016

Hope through Change in 2016 Kuthumi and Lord Hilarion through Lynette Leckie-Clark

Greetings to you, beloved souls of light. What a wondrous year is opening before you. It is a time of renewed and expanded hope available to all. It begins with you — yes, you. “How?” you might ask. It begins in your belief of you, of what you desire for you. Many search outside themselves, looking and looking yet still feel aimless. The answer is within you, with your own choices.

Think of a blank canvas or a blank sheet of paper. Ask, “What is it I truly desire for me?” Of course, you might quickly write financial abundance. But I answer, what good is that if you still have inner torment? Money cannot erase that. So go deeper within yourself and ask what would bring you peace. This, my friend, is your key to the new year. From this one key, many areas will expand in your life, beginning with yourself as inner peace grows to hope and purpose in your life. No longer will you feel aimless or helpless.

Further, as many more begin to open to purpose and hope, the energy around your planet will also change. In this way, humankind is able to move back to correct living. As you gain more inner peace so that energy expands to others in your family and those you meet, even strangers you pass on the street are able to feel the energy of upliftment contained in your auric field.