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The Heart of God Is Open to You

The Heart of God Is Open to You The Angels of Healing Transformation through Rev. Daniel Neusom

Greetings from the heart of God. We dwell within the heart of God where there is no conflict and only bliss. All who have experienced separation are making their way back to the heart of God whether or not they are consciously aware of this pull toward love.

Your year on Earth of 2015 has seen much conflict and upheaval as the call to love within the soul has caused more and more people on Earth to seek to relate to people from their highest selves while others cling with all of their might and will to the self-denying, self-hating ego consciousness of separation. In the self-denying, self-hating ego consciousness, you are not content to know yourself as one with all. There is this persistent need to prove the self superior to other selves — to overpower, control, and dominate. It is self-hatred made manifest. It is self-denial when you are in your ego consciousness and you are denying your real self. You are denying the self of God that you are in truth.

We stand with you. We are so strongly with you. At some point, the pain of separation from the heart of God and the painful manifestations the ego creates become too much, and the self calls out to Creator to be shown a new way, another way. When the self calls out to God to be shown another way, we step in to work with you.