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Fill and Restore Yourself in the Quiet Space of Being

Fill and Restore Yourself in the Quiet Space of Being The Light of Love through Laura Pieratt

Truth beckons all who will listen. Your story continues to unfold as the light increases. Much more is able to emerge in the current conditions as so many more people anchor the light now. As a result, much more is being catalyzed, opened, and resurrected than was possible before. Be unafraid to hope, for many potentials are activating that you will enjoy in the future.

We are watching from on high as this evolves, and we are amazed how much more is being made possible than was ever imagined. It is truly a front-seat view of creation’s bold beginnings that is well beyond that which was originally conceived. We watch with wonder, joy, and great anticipation as myriad cocreations form in synergy with one another, opening unexpected avenues. A layering process is occurring as new foundations are laid where old ones have been dismantled.

Be patient. You all want to see proof that changes are occurring, but things are not always as they appear. You must drop deeply into trust and knowing so that you can feel well beyond the superficial illusion that plays out on the surface of your awareness and is easy to misinterpret through traditional senses. Feel more deeply into it all with your higher senses, and read the energies and potentials behind what you see unfolding around you.