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Dear Lauri,

I had a really weird dream that I had worms coming out of my elbows! I was with some friends, my mom (who passed away), and my husband. We were in a dark house. We were attending a low-key party or get-together. Oh, I’m twenty weeks pregnant if that makes a difference. I have very vivid dreams when I’m expecting.

— Amy, 24, Plantersville, TX

Lauri: Dreams during pregnancy tend to be a bit more jacked up than normal. Research suggests it is due to the increase in progesterone the body is producing. Nonetheless, they still hold meaning.

In your case, the worms suggest you are feeling depressed, low, and you are wallowing in the muck of life lately. The fact that the worms are coming out of your elbow is an indication that your depression may be caused by you being too, flexible, bending too much to others’ needs rather than standing up for yourself. I believe your mother is in this dream as a reminder that you really need to give yourself some TLC right now, being that you are “in a delicate way” and all.