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The Divine Wisdom in the Imagery of Radical Change

The Divine Wisdom in the Imagery of Radical Change Oneness through Rasha

Much has been written over the course of recent years on the subject of the times now upon us. Those seeds of divine wisdom have often been taken out of context and paved the way for literal interpretations focused on the dramatic phenomena that accompany radical change. The level of change you are witnessing in today’s world was inevitable. It is a reflection of the heightened levels of augmented vibration that characterize the universal shift in consciousness that is now well under way.

Change plays out within the context of form in ways that can lead to dire interpretations when taken at face value. In order for the old to make way for the new, a certain measure of destruction of the imagery that no longer serves the highest good is called for. That phenomenon of leveling the ground is necessary to establish a firm foundation that will support the structures of life and on which your future as a world populace rests.

This kind of dissolution can be seen in every aspect of life as you now know it, from the cornerstones of your personal lives to the societal structures that reflect them to the support systems that were once considered indestructible. You are witnessing firsthand the breathtaking transformation of a world in the throes of birthing itself anew, illustrating its own likeness in the image of a reality on whose very brink you now stand.