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The Coming Wave of Change and the Second Coming of Christ

The Coming Wave of Change and the Second Coming of Christ Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

I’ve been hearing that we’re about to receive a great wave of change that will continue over the next six months or so. The changes will be very dramatic, including Earth changes, dissolution of governmental systems, and a lot of other changes on the planet, along with a rising of consciousness. Is this correct?

It is very natural for humans to want to know what is about to happen. Indeed, changes of the nature you are describing have been predicted for quite some time now. In fact, no one can predict what is going to happen. It is not written. It is not created. You are creating it now — not you alone, but you in concert with all the beings involved. There are beings involved you might not be aware of. It is always the case that there are many beings involved at many levels, but at the third dimension, most people are not aware of that. There are a great many factors and forces at work here.

It is true that the patterns set in motion right now point to exactly what you are speaking of. That is to say, if nothing changes and everything goes forth exactly in the way things are set in motion at this moment, it is very likely that something of what you are speaking will happen. It is not necessarily going to happen in the time frame predicted. Time frames are extremely difficult to predict. Sometimes people predict time frames accurately, but it is mostly by chance that that happens. [Laughs.] In terms of statistics or odds, people have a chance of getting something right, but it’s a much larger chance of them not being accurate. Nonetheless, what you are pointing to is very probable given what is in motion at this time.