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Clear the Old to Bring Renewal

Clear the Old to Bring Renewal Lynn Buess

The universal year for 2016 is a 9 year (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9). Nine is the number of idealism, utopias, visionary thinking and aspirations, humanitarian endeavors, compassionate actions, and embracing the collective human experience. You don’t have to study numerology to see that 9 is the last number of the sequence, or cycle. It is the number of revelation, vision, inspiration, purification, and ascension.

On a personal level, passing through the 9 year usually includes releasing old and outworn aspects of one’s life, such as relationships, bad habits, nonproductive patterns, toxicity, and dysfunctional issues, to name a few. The 9 year stirs up hidden negative parts of the subconscious and brings them to the surface for recognition and processing. With clearing of the old comes the potential for rebirth into a new awareness. It is a cycle of cleansing and renewal that allows for rebirth and changes to blossom in the 1 year and continue through the next cycle.

Similarly the same process occurs on a large scale, bringing previously shadowy and hidden human activities into light, both individually and collectively. Events of the 9 universal year can come about in the most unusual and unforeseen manner, so you can count on expecting the unexpected! Things you thought could never happen do. People you would never expect to do such things already have. Things you have taken for granted as stable aren’t. Cosmic time and events have a way of taking place unaffected by human ego and desires. As my grandmother used to say, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”