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Chaos Commander Hatonn of the Ashtar Command through Tuieta

I am Commander Hatonn of the Ashtar Command, which watches over you on planet Earth. Currently, I am on the teaching ship to share lessons of your problems and how you might lessen the possibility of all-out war and devastation. People of planet Earth, you are in such a state of chaos that you are leaving yourselves quite a distance from your family and friends. You are isolating yourselves.

Wake up! Wake up! See what is happening around you. Families argue. Children argue. Townspeople argue. Parents argue. Ones of political parties argue. Ones of the churches argue. If these arguments continue and you only see one side of a question, what is being achieved for the good of all?

Extremes in duality bring about chaotic energy patterns. You have been given duality as a way to see extremes of a problem/solution and make choices. By using your mental and emotional bodies blended, you have chosen one extreme. By discussion with another, you are able to seek and find a compromise — the best of each extreme as it meets in the middle with a better solution that is workable. Both sides have shared in the debate, and the conclusion is pleasing to both and creates a third option. It was never intended for the winner/loser scenario we observe going on.