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Change to Find Energy and Optimism in 2016

Change to Find Energy and Optimism in 2016 The Elven through Vera Nadine Boinn

As your year 2015 draws to a close and the next year opens before you, you might wish to hear what we, the Elven, feel lies ahead. Let us start with the now.

Look around you. All is not lost. It might be easy to believe that is so, but try to believe the opposite. Try to see the changes, subtle and not so subtle, as part of the greater divine tapestry. You are coming into human community once again and forever. There is a mentality that has prevailed that is all about the strength, the rights, and the separation of the individual person. You thought this would lead you to freedom, but instead it has led to loneliness and the proliferation of ill-conceived notions. Notions conceived in isolation do not work in practicality with the whole.

Master Your Mind

It is true that becoming self-aware is what separated you from all other species on your planet. It is what has allowed you to become intelligent beings who work toward awareness, oneness, and connection with all that is outside your realm, your dimension, your planet, and divine creation. But that self-awareness that propelled you in such a divine direction — you might say toward enlightenment — has also propelled you quite strongly toward selfishness. You must overcome that before you can take your true place among the community of all creation.