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A Challenging Path to a Better World

A Challenging Path to a Better World Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We are often asked what the future will bring. Within this question is the seed of hope yet also the germ of despair. In asking, humans want to know that their efforts are not being wasted and that their lives matter. They seek validation and pursue feeling that there is hope for the future and that perhaps some measure of balance and peace might be experienced in the current days.

The Perils of Prediction

As Onereon, an entity of communication and service, we do not claim nor offer prediction as a matter of course. We do, however, possess the ability to notice things from a higher perspective. What we see are not often specific events but rather trends and currents.

Things we see do not easily quantify into a specific timeline. The future is malleable and can alter based on unexpected events. The reality, as we currently perceive it, is that the future is divergent and can take two paths. Both paths will arrive at a similar destination. One is easier than the other. The approach to life and living that will always lead to growth and abundance is the yin path. This is nurturing and nourishing for all beings involved. The future holds an abundance of yin energy, but you are not there yet.