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Breakdown and Creation

Breakdown and Creation Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

At this time — an unparalleled time in Earth’s evolutionary history — there is a momentum for tremendous change. I have said many times that this would be a time of transition, a time of transformation, and also a time of extreme polarities on Earth on every level. As you know, when there is extreme behavior and climate change, when there is an extreme form of expression, then there is an element of chaos, breakdown, and disruption on all levels.

These times of chaos and breakdown, although dangerous and volatile, are the moments when creation can begin to really flow from the hearts and minds of people. But for those creative impulses to create a benevolent climate where kindness, love, and harmony reign, it must not only involve human beings on this planet. It must also involve all living forms on this planet: the trees, the animals, and so forth. Everything is happening quickly. Systems are breaking down. There is so much confusion that it is difficult for people to see their way clear. It is as though they are rushing about in darkness. Many of them are doing just that because there is indeed a shadow over Earth. There are many places on Earth where the darkness is so deep that people almost literally cannot see where they are going. Their moral structures have broken down. There is breakdown literally in every aspect.

Let us look at what is happening to human beings in several parts of the planet that have completely lost touch with any kind of compassion. They have lost touch with themselves. They have lost the light of their spirits. They have become disconnected from themselves as spiritual beings, and they are falling deeply into shadow and cannot see any light. We all know of these places on the globe I speak of, where the extent of violence has become the order of the day, where compassion is absent, and where love has apparently been demolished by fear.