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The Best Adventure of Your Life!

The Best Adventure of Your Life! Inspired Information through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As the celestial ley lines (within and without, above and below) readjust themselves for incoming landings of illumination, all will feel strewn about and discombobulated by an unexpected mischievous dust devil of interference. Bumps and grinds during these sky-lined events may shake up the human linear patterns of thinking just long enough for some enlightenment to get through. Like one that is drenched by an unexpected spring shower, there is no way to avoid complete saturation — with or without a cosmic umbrella.

A deep healing is occurring with or without your permission. The cells of Earth have their encoded orders and know what to do; they march forward at a steady pace, never missing a beat. Each pain within your body is a cry for help, stuck fear, trauma, or memory — literally a pain from the past. The year 2016 is about promises and completion (cosmic and personal). Humanity is asked nicely to enter the next level of love, heart, soul, and service to the universe.

What the 9 Year Brings

The year 2016 graces us with the timeless and sometimes endless teachings of 9 and all that entails. A quantum leap into the string theory leaves you hanging with multiple and multidimensional choices. Do you free fall into the string theory, or do you hang on riding the dimensional rift? Either way, this feat can only be accomplished through a divine point of healing self.