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An Astrological Look at the Future

An Astrological Look at the Future Robert FitzGerald

Aquarius hopes, dreams, and wishes, as well as utopia, combine with a Pisces otherworldly heaven to create a very real Aquarian heaven on Earth. Setting intentions for health, prosperity, and happiness from a spiritual Pisces foundation opens the heart and aligns us with the process of evolutionary Pisces/Aquarius salvation and ascension.

This is a prime time for creating or enhancing a new timeline that will run parallel with the current apocalyptic timeline. The Gemini mind will begin or continue to dream a new dream that is quite different from the current dream. It will require its own timeline. A whole new ideological frame of reference for this Gemini phase will lead into a Cancer phase in which we can set new Cancer boundaries and establish a new Cancer foundation for living. The feminine will be elevated to a true Aquarian equality with the masculine, and the highest expression of Aquarius golden-age utopia will naturally unfold for us.

A huge promise lies in the Aquarius rule of electricity and, by extension, the light energy underlying the physical. The Leo polarity to Aquarius rules spirit, omniscience, and omnipotence, all qualities of God. Aquarius and Leo are leading us toward our god natures, complete with the omnipotent power to create what we want for ourselves and the omniscience to do so free from any lower egoic limitations. We will become light-filled, angelic, godlike beings with powers of creation and wisdom.