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Ascension’s Armageddon

Ascension’s Armageddon Ra-ben and the Council of Twelve through Carolyn Holtgrewe

Greetings, beloved. You have brought an interesting question today concerning Armageddon. We will endeavor to answer it in a way that will diminish confusion and bring greater understanding. This subject is more complex than it appears on the surface. As referenced in your Bible, it is a place somewhere on the planet where the last great battle will be fought between what you call good and evil. Nobody ever seems to know where this place is, except that it is somewhere in the Middle East, perhaps in the area of an ancient trade route to the Orient. We would like to remind you that humans are multidimensional beings, whether they are aware of it or not.

In like manner, events that play out on Earth are also multidimensional, which means that an event has different levels and different spiritual and physical expressions. Some cosmic level events do not have visible physical expressions.

With the event called Armageddon, there is a potential that part of it could play out in a physical battle on the Earth plane if humanity does not choose peaceful resolutions to international problems. If this should come into being, it will not be allowed to exceed certain limits, which would risk destruction or even the blowing up of the planet. Our Creator would not allow this. The very thought of planetary destruction has caused a lot of fear in human hearts and minds. At the physical level, let us help to bring this down to a more appropriate scale where humans can better understand what they can do to lessen this potential.