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Ascend into the Heavenly Realms of Love

Ascend into the Heavenly Realms of Love Jesus through Virginia Ellen

It is my delight to bring you news of world peace. The headline is “The World Is Being Freed,” and it is your headline. I want you to make that headline on your computer in big letters, and take this message with you. Then I want you to look at it. It is good news, this new world of freedom. Take this good news everywhere you go so that it reminds you of the truth. It will be a thought — not a common thought — that you think about, speak about, and finally live.

There are two worlds: the world you all know together, and the one each of you has created through your emotions and thoughts. Your emotions create the path you walk on. There are many things happening in the collective world of the third and fourth dimensions that are painful and harmful to others.

Then there is the world of the fifth dimension, where there is only love, peace, and joy. Many of you have heard that you will be lifted to another world or planet and leave Earth. I say unto you, it is not quite that way. What will happen is that you will leave the consciousness that created the third and fourth dimensions. You will indeed live in another world, in another reality, but you will still live your lives and interact with others on Earth.