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Align with the Soul Heart’s Spirit Fire to Attain Abundance

Align with the Soul Heart’s Spirit Fire to Attain Abundance Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Much of the energy, myths, stories, and experiences for the human kingdom in 2016 will revolve around creating or building bridges between heaven and Earth, spirit and matter, the third and the fifth dimensions. Some of the ancient myths and stories — many of which have been twisted, misremembered, or largely forgotten — will percolate to the surface of the human kingdom’s collective psyche with a variety of expressions and experiences displaying among its members.

The year 2016 is about bringing spiritual knowledge, wisdom, truth, and beliefs into physical third-dimensional matter and expressing it, being it, and living it continuously. It is about being a spiritual being in a human body and building a cocreative cooperative relationship between the two that is life enhancing, expanding, and unifying while communicating love and passion for all life.

All that is experienced influences the mind, heart, and emotions, yet the responses and choices of perception about those experiences determine whether life is enhanced or diminished. Conscious and thoughtful awareness of perception determines whether the outcome is a reaction or a response. Discovering ways to ponder the consequences of actions and choices before they are taken assists in empowering a sense of authenticity. Being genuinely awake, aware, and in the present moment frees the psyche from its rote reactions based on past experiences. During 2016, all experiences are new beginnings. Together, the human kingdom and we Cat Beings are setting the butterflies free.