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The Alchemist Within

The Alchemist Within Almine

In looking back at the history of humans on every continent, it is a story of bloodshed, genocides, and incredible cruelty of one group against another. It is like looking into the heart of darkness. How can humans justify their existence when they have such savagery and destructiveness against their own species?

First of all, we will only perpetuate the past if we regard it as real. Instead, look at it as a dream that allows you to analyze the symbols it contains for their meaning, and then let it go. Don’t fixate on the past, and don’t let it define you.

Second, some enlightened ones aren’t human at all. They are from the god kingdom. They have come in forgetfulness among humankind to restore its pristine original template. As they live pristinely, they will bring back the true nobility of humankind. The profound effect that they are able to bring about on the population of Earth is their gift.