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Akashic Answers: Reclaim Your Spiritual Gifts

Akashic Answers: Reclaim Your Spiritual Gifts Amanda Romania

As we lift the veils of consciousness and begin to truly remember who we are and why we came to Earth, the halls of records known as the akashic field or matrix will also evolve at an accelerated rate in 2016. Many thousands of years ago in the early stages of Atlantis, we were at the peak of our spiritual awareness. On the Earth star planet, we were able to connect and communicate telepathically because we had the full awareness of the connection to Source energy and could access the vortex portals to the record houses.

In the later stages of Atlantis, the oracles and high priests and priestesses began to see the fall of this amazing continent and began to make plans for an exodus. One of the most famous of these beings was known as Thoth, and his counterpart was Seshat, the lady of the records. They left with a select group, taking their sacred crystal skull, emerald tablets, and sacred arc and fleeing to Egypt. Here they placed their secrets within the inner cities on the Giza plateau. Later this would be marked by the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the famous sphinx.

The sphinx created the doorway through which the record houses could be accessed on Earth. Throughout the years, only a gifted few could open it, but this is now changing. In 2015 and into 2016, the Halls of Amenti are preparing for the ascension grids to open wider to create Spheres of Amenti. This will allow those who seek greater consciousness and vision to access the portals of remembering. This gift will allow mass ascension and awakening. When the halls or akashic matrices are closed, ascension and remembering cannot occur. The hearts, minds, and souls of the human race become closed. Darkness and shadow reign, and we search outside ourselves for enlightenment.